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Starting Points

These are the library resources that can help you with your industry research.

Look at the specific industry pages for resources to find information for that industry. Or use the resources on this page if you don't find your industry listed.

Industry Information Sources

Often industry data is organized by classification codes that assign companies to a category based on their business activities.

In Canada, we primarily use NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), developed by the statistical agencies of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Knowing the NAICS code(s) for your industry can be helpful in your research. 

You can search by NAICS or SIC in the following databases:

Important industry information can also be found from industry associations. Information available often includes:

  • industry specific news and trends
  • statistics and research reports
  • legislation and regulations
  • profiles and member directories

Use Google or another search engine to search for associations relevant for your industry in your location. If you don't find a something, try broadening your geographic area (e.g. from Ontario to Canada, or from Canada to the U.S. or international). If your industry is very specialized or new, look for associations for broader or similar industries. Try searching terms like industry association, industry group, trade group, or trade organization.