Western Libraries

Guide to Chemical Industry Information

This guide provides selective resources for chemical engineering industry information

The following key resources contain chemical, petrochemical, energy and pharmaceutical industry market trends, market reports and industry news.

Industry News

Proquest-ABI/Inform Trade & Industry: covers major trade and industry news. With ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry, users can study and compare specific trades and industries, including petroleum, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Tips for searching: Search using classification codes to limit results to specific industries (eg. 8640 Chemical industry) or by geographic area codes to limit results to certain locales (eg. 9172 Canada).

Factiva: covers company and industry information. Tips for searching: Search by selecting sources by company, industry (eg. agrochemicals) or region.

Industry Market Reports & Trends

Frost & Sullivan: provides market research reports

MarketResearch.com: provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of new and existing markets. Reports are international in scope. Tips for searching: Use Browse by topic to scan the list of reports available for the industry you are researching.

MarketLine: provides industry, company and country profiles.

Mergent Online: provides company and industry reports by region.

More business databases are available on Business Library's Database List. You may ask a Business Librarian for locating relevant marketing reports.