Western Libraries

Instrumental Performance

Finding Streaming Audio

Current Western students, staff and faculty have access to quality, professional productions via the licensed resources below.

Finding Physical Audio Recordings

To search for CDs (Compact Discs) or LPs (Long-Playing records), use the Advanced Search in the library catalogue.

Media type

While there is no 100% reliable way to limit your search results to CDs or LPs, the following generally work:

  • For CDs, include the word "compact"
  • For LPs, include the word "sound"

Classical Instrumental Music

Include any of the following:

  • Composer's surname
  • Plural of the genre (e.g., sonatas, even if you want only one)
  • Name of the instrument(s), if applicable (singular or plural)
  • Opus or thematic catalogue number (e.g., 31 for Beethoven's Op. 31 sonatas)
  • Unique or distinctive word from the title, if applicable
  • Performer's name (e.g. Schiff, or Brendel, or Goode)

Classical Vocal Music (songs or arias)

Include any of the following:

  • Composer's surname
  • Title of the song or aria in quotes (e.g., "Gretchen am Spinnrade")
  • The opus or thematic catalogue number for the larger work (e.g., 626 if you seek any aria from Mozart’s Requiem, KV. 626)
  • Any unique or distinctive word(s) from the title of the larger work
  • Performer's name (e.g., Bartoli, Otter, Pavarotti or Ramey)

Popular Music

Include any of the following:

  • Title of song in quotes (e.g., "Seven Come Eleven")
  • Name of the artist(s) (e.g., Christian, Charlie) or group (e.g., "Kansas City Six")