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Vocal Performance

A guide to key resources for both performers and researchers interested in the history and practice of singing

Diction websites

Diction books

Diction guides are found at the call number MT883. Below are a few classics:


Translations of arias, songs, and sacred vocal music may be found in several resources. Links to the Leyerle (aka Nico Castel) publications and some of the most popular and reliable websites are below.

But one can also find translations in

  • other books (scan the Music Library's holdings between ML47 and ML54.8)
  • the liner notes to sound recordings (e.g. CD booklets, and LPs)
  • and select, scholarly scores

Western Libraries also provides access to bilingual dictionaries, which offer translations between English and other languages both in print and online. E.g: English-Italian/Italian-English; English-German/German-English, etc.

If you use a translation from any resource - either for a paper or a performance - remember to cite it!