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Plunkett's Advertising and Branding Industry Almanac

Analysis includes trends, globalization, technologies, finances, Internet and online strategies, wireless advertising, social networks, branding, public relations, agencies, paid product placement, TV advertising trends and more.


Too many companies depend on marketing tactics that don't match the needs and concerns of their customers, or embrace messaging and causes that don't connect. This book prescribes clear strategies that enable companies to communicate in a more genuine, emotional way.

Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know

As we have become smarter at avoiding ads, advertisers have become smarter about disguising them. This book enables the reader to understand how marketing industries work in the digital age.

The Advertising Handbook

Contributions from leading international scholars and practitioners offer extended coverage of the contemporary shifts and pressures reshaping the marketing communications (or advertising and marketing) industries and their relationship to the consumer.

Handbook of Research on Narrative Advertising

Featuring research on topics such as branding, mobile marketing, and consumer engagement, business professionals, copywriters, students, and practitioners will find this text useful in furthering their awareness of evolutionary techniques in advertising.

Advertising and Consumer Society

This critical introductory text explores the role of advertising in contemporary culture and its connections to larger economic, social and political forces.

Great Clients

Great advertising comes from great relationships. It comes from clear communication, shared goals, and trust. And all of those start with great clients. The tips and insights in this book show exactly how to work with your agency to ensure the work they produce is the best it can be.


An intimate and profound reckoning with the changes buffeting the $2 trillion global advertising and marketing business from the perspective of its most powerful players.

Practical Guide to Comparative Advertising

This handbook covers the corporate culture and strategic goals that encourage comparative advertising, laws and regulations, standards for research evidence, and examples that bring the concepts to life.

The Angel in the Marketplace

This is the story of one of America's most accomplished advertising executives. By following the arc of Rindlaub's career from the 1920s through the 1960s, we witness how a range of cultural narratives--advertising chief among them--worked powerfully to shape women's emotional and economic behavior in support of the free market system.

Ethics in Advertising

This book provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the rules and principles associated with ethical advertising practices. With extensive research, and a variety of case studies, and expert opinions, it discusses why advertising ethics is important both to the consumer and the professional.

Feminists, Feminisms, and Advertising

This book provides feminist analyses of the historical relationships between the advertising industry and the women's movement in the United States.

Advertising and Marketing Reports

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