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Designing and Conducting Business Surveys

This book uniquely integrates an understanding of how businesses operate, a total survey error approach to data quality that focuses specifically on business surveys, and sound project management principles.

The Palgrave Handbook of Survey Research

Drawing on research from a world-class team of experts, this collection addresses the challenges facing survey-based data collection today as well as the potential opportunities presented by new approaches to survey research, including in the development of policy.

An Introduction to Survey Research

This is intended to introduce fundamentals of good survey research to students and practitioners of the survey process, focusing on carrying out a survey- including how to formulate survey questions, steps that researchers must use when conducting the survey, and impacts of rapidly changing technology on survey design and execution.

Conducting Survey Research

Through case studies, real-life examples, and multiple data visualization graphics, Conducting Survey Research offers a unique how to guide on creating a survey. The text highlights common mistakes in survey research (e.g., using the appropriate sample size and survey administration mode), and demonstrates how to interpret survey data and report findings.

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Designing and Conducting Survey Research

The book offers practical, actionable guidance on constructing the instrument, administrating the process, and analyzing and reporting the results, providing extensive examples and worksheets that demonstrate the appropriate use of survey and data techniques.

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire Design explains the role of questionnaires in market research and looks at different types of questionnaire, examining when and how they should be deployed. The book explains how to plan, structure and compose the right questionnaire for the research being undertaken.

Collecting, Managing, and Assessing Data Using Sample Surveys

Provides a thorough, step-by-step guide to the design and implementation of surveys. Topics covered include the ethics of surveys, the design of survey procedures, the design of the survey instrument, how to write questions and how to draw representative samples.

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