Western Libraries

CBE 3319B Library Session and Project Support

This course guide contains information about and links to resources relevant to the CBE 3319B (Introduction to Plant Design and Safety) library instruction session.

Getting Started

Several search techniques are common to a variety of databases: subject headings, truncation, Boolean operators, and limits. Depending on your topic, search filters may also be available. Many databases allow you to save your search history and to set up email alerts when new articles on your topic are available.

Library Handout

Check the library handout for search strategies in "Recommended Resources."

Scholarly vs. Popular Literature

In a university or research setting, the information you use to support your writing usually comes from scholarly literature and not from popular websites or magazines. What are the main differences between the two types of publications? How do you know if an article is scholarly or popular? Is it ever acceptable to use information in popular information for your essay?

Scholarly publications go through a peer review process before they can be published. What is peer review? The tutorial video: The Peer Review Process explains. Consult Ulrich's Periodical Directory to identify scholarly journals.