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Author or investigator. Survey title and date (for aggregate data use the table title). Country that the data is collected for or refers to. Data type or format. Location of production or producer. Name of producer. Production date of data. Name of data distributor (if applicable). Date of distribution of the data. Platform or data access provider. Date the file was accessed. URL.

Statistics Canada. Census of Population, 2006 Profile Series: Profile of Age and Sex, for Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions. [Aggregate data]. Ottawa, Ontario: Statistics Canada [producer and distributor], 2007. Ottawa, Ontario: Data Liberation Initiative [distributor], 2008. Accessed via ODESI. June 14, 2011.http://search1.odesi.ca/details/view.html?q=census+profile+series+2006&field=&coll=odesi&date-gt=1871&date-lt=2011&uri=/odesi/cen_95F0495_E_2006-profb20.xml

This information was adapted from Odesi's guide to data citations.
Data citations – <odesi> disseminated data. (2015). Retrived from http://guides.scholarsportal.info/c.php?g=126711&p=828977