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Bibliographies are lists of resources, such as books and journal articles, that are compiled by experts to guide researchers to the best available information on a specific topic. While bibliographies often appear at the end of an encyclopedia entry, journal article, or book, they are also published separately online or as an entire book unto themselves.

Bibliographies of Music – by Region or Country

In the Music Library, some relevant book-length bibliographies can be found in the Reference section at REF ML120 .A-.Z, where the books are arranged alphabetically by the region or country they cover. Some examples are:

Bibliographies of Music - by Topic

More relevant book-length bibliographies are found under an adjacent call number in the Reference section, REF ML128 .A-.Z. This call number covers bibliographies on music "topics," anything ranging from individual instruments or musical genres to applications of music (e.g., music therapy) or whole populations (e.g., women in music). Most are focused on the Western classical tradition, but some have a different, or at least broader, scope. Some are also available online. For example: