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History 1810E - Wars That Changed the World: World War II

Selected Newspaper Primary Sources

All historical newspapers listed below are available online, and include full-text, full-image content of the original newspapers.


Globe & Mail:  Canada's Heritage from 1844

Offers the breadth and depth of the most extensive historic newspaper in Canada. Includes every news story, photograph, map, advertisement, classified ad, political cartoon, and birth and death notice in the paper.  

Winnipeg Free Press Archive

Covers 1874 to 2015.

United Kingdom

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Since 1791, the world's major events have been documented in the pages of the Guardian and the Observer. The newspapers can be searched simultaneously or separately:

  • The Guardian, 1821 to 2003
  • The Observer, 1791 to 2003

Times Digital Archive

Offers in-depth, award-winning, objective coverage of world events since its creation in 1785 to 1985. The times is the oldest daily newspaper in continuous publication.

United States

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

The definitive digital archive for significant American newspapers dating back to the 18th century: 

  • Atlanta Constitution, 1868 to 1945
  • Boston Globe, 1872 to 1984
  • Chicago Defender, 1909 to 1975
  • Chicago Tribune, 1849 to 1992
  • Christian Science Monitor, 1908 to 2003
  • Hartford Courant, 1764 to 1990
  • Los Angeles Times, 1881 to 1992
  • New York Times, 1851 to 2013
  • Wall Street Journal, 1889 to 1999
  • Washington Post, 1877 to 1999


Paper of Record

Includes selective historical content, dating from 1752 to 2004, for the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Mexico.