Western Libraries

MME9641 Library Session and Project Support

This course guide contains information about and links to resources relevant to the MME 9641 (Thermal Systems Engineering) library instruction session.

Developing Search Strategies

  • Select keywords from your research topic
  • Find synonyms or related terms for each of the keyword you identified above
  • Use Boolean operators (AND, OR) to connect your keyword; Combine concepts using AND, and combine alternate terms within a concept using OR
  • Select search tools (library catalogue, databases, etc.)
  • Conduct your search
  • Review your search results and revise your search if necessary

Use the Search Strategy Worksheet in the Library Handout to help you develop your search strategies.

Finding information on your topic

If you are new to your topic or would like to start by reading some more general background information, here are some good places to start:

Note: Review articles, an important source of background information, can be really helpful in getting started: They synthesize key research on your topic, and normally are written by experts in your fields. 

You can find articles and conference papers in the following databases:

Check the Finding Patents and Finding Dissertations guides for relevant resources.

What if the library doesn't have an article or book you want?   Use the Interlibrary Loans system to request it from another library (generally free of charge for Western users).