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Selected Course Guides for History

HIS 1401E - Modern Europe, 1715 to the Present:  Conflict and Transformation

HIS 1601E - Survey of East Asian History

HIS 1807 - Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce

HIS 1810E - Wars That Changed the World: The American Civil War, 1861-1865

HIS 1810E - Wars That Changed the World:  The Vietnam War

HIS 1810E - Wars That Changed the World:  World War II

HIS 2188B - Pirates & Piracy on the World's Seas and in the Public Imagination 

HIS 2201E - Canada: Origins to the Present

HIS 2301E - United States: Colonial Period to the Present

HIS 2403E - Europe and England in the 16th and 17th Centuries

HIS 2404E - Europe, 1789-1918:  An Era of Revolutionary Change

HIS 2501E - History of Latin America

HIS 2606E - The Making of the Modern Middle East 

HIS 2812E - Plague, Pox and Flu:  Disease in Global History

HIS 2815E - Jewish History from Abraham to the Modern Era

HIS 3412GSoldiers, Sailors, and Empire: Britain in the World, 1689 to 1902

HIS 3420F - The Soviet Experiment

HIS 3427E - The Holocaust

HIS 3722F - "Killing Fields": Genocide in Modern History

HIS 4410F - Crime and Society in England 1800-1900

HIS 4445E - The Nazi Occupation of Europe

HIS 9800A - Public History: Theory, History and Practice

HIS 9831A - Killing Fields:  A Global History of Mass Violence


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