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CBE - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Data & Statistics

Looking for statistics or data related to engineering or science topics to use in your research or assignment? The following major sites contain data and statistics related to energy, transportation, manufacturing, and other science and engineering topics. Note that they also contain general socioeconomic data. For further help, please visit or contact Western's Map and Data Center.

International Data & Statistics

Geo Worldbank - Data from the World Bank presented geographically using Google Maps. Contains some data on technology (e.g. number of internet users) and the environment (e.g. energy use per capita) as well as projects/news (e.g. sustainable energy management, transport plans) for specific countries, with links back to the full data and reports available from the World Bank.

OECD iLibrary - Collection of data and other publications from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - contains extensive data on energy, biotechnology, sustainability, transportation, and trade.

UN (United Nations) Data - large and authoritative compilation of United Nations and agency statistics, including energy, environment, mining, intellectual property.

World Development Indicators contains statistical data for over 575 development indicators and time series data from 1960 onward for over 220 countries and country groups, including natural resources and environmental indicators.

For specific topics of interest, try Official Statistics on the Web (includes links to websites with statistics on climate, minerals and metals, and many others).

Canadian Data & Statistics

Statistics Canada - contains data as well as detailed reports and analyses on a wide variety of topics, from energy and natural resources to manufacturing and biotechnology. Note that not all data from the Statistics Canada website is available free of charge - you can also try E-Stat (below), where all data is available to Western users.

E-Stat from Statistics Canada - Contains data on topics such as manufacturing (e.g. construction materials), energy (e.g. energy consumption), and environment (e.g. land cover).

Often, statistics specific to a particular region (e.g. province) can be easily found on department, ministry, or city websites. For example, a Google search for Ontario energy statistics will lead you to the Ontario Energy Board's website on statistics; a Google search for Canada mining statistics will lead you to Natural Resource Canada's Mining and Minerals statistics page. It is important to ensure that the information is coming from a reliable source - look for statistics from governments or international organizations or societies.