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Music by Black Artists


This page contains sample items in Western Libraries, instructions on how to find more books, and instruction on where to find journal article databases.

Example Books

This section contains sample items in Western Libraries. This list does not represent everything available from Western Libraries. Additional relevant resources can be found by searching Omni.


Finding More Books

Western Libraries uses Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to facilitate the discovery of information within Omni. We acknowledge that some of these subject headings contain offensive or discriminatory language. Please see Problematic Language in the Library Catalogue: Statement of Acknowledgement.

Subject headings can be used in Omni to find additional relevant resources. Useful subject headings can usually be identified via one or more of the following approaches:

  1. Looking at the "Subject" section of relevant resources in Omni.
  2. Adding the answers to the following questions to your search:
    • What is the race, ethnicity or nationality of the person(s)?
    • What is the country, region or continent?
    • What is the genre?
  3. Selecting any relevant terms below to add to your search:
    • "composers," "musicians," "music" or "singers"
    • "bibliography," "bio-bibliography," "dictionaries," "discography," "encyclopedias"
    • "genre & styles," "history and criticism," "social aspects," "political aspects," "religious aspects"

Finding Articles

Journal articles often provide the most current, in-depth investigation into a specific topic.

Relevant articles can be found using the databases listed in the Music Library Research Guides.