Western Libraries

Omni - Academic Search Tool

What does Omni search?

Omni can search two areas:

1. Western & Affiliate Libraries: physical and electronic collections at Western Libraries, King's University College Library, Huron University College Library, Brescia University College Library, and St. Peter's Seminary Library.

2. Western & Affiliate Libraries + Omni Libraries: physical and electronic collections of Western & Affiliate Libraries + 17 partner universities physical collections.

By default Omni searches Western & Affiliate Libraries + Omni Libraries.

To change the search, select Advanced Search and choose Western & Affiliate Libraries or Western & Affiliate Libraries + Omni Libraries.

Search Techniques

Search Techniques (Boolean, wildcard, truncation) Examples
AND - this is assumed between words pop AND music AND culture
OR - used between words for synonyms climate OR weather
NOT - to exclude words debate NOT discuss
( ) parentheses - for grouping terms Shakespeare AND (tragedy OR sonnet)
" " quotes - for exact phrases "War and Peace"
? - wildcard for spelling variations colo?r (results would include colour or color)
* - for variations of words attack* (results would include attacks, attacking, attacker, etc.)

Note: To use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) within search phrases, you must enter them in uppercase letters. Otherwise, Omni removes them and performs a simple search that includes all search phrases.