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Limiting to

After a basic or advanced search has been completed, limits are available (found on the left side of the search results). The following limits can be applied to search results:

  • Availability -- online, peer-reviewed, open access, available in Western & Affiliate Libraries
  • Resource type -- archival material, articles, books & e-books, journals, and more
  • Subject -- social sciences, psychology, science & technology, and more depending on the initial search
  • Author/Creator -- authors with the most results will appear first
  • Western & Affiliate Libraries Location --  select a location in library to limit to physical materials
  • Other Omni Libraries -- select a partner university to display their physical collections
  • Journal Title -- journals with the most results will appear first
  • Language
  • MeSH -- Medical Subject Headings vocabulary by the U.S. National Library of Medicine
  • Genre
  • Place. 

Selecting one will remove all other results from the results list.


Excluding from

To exclude materials from your search, hover over the field and select the red check mark (Exclude). Example:

This will remove all materials meeting this criteria (for example, articles) from results.


Further Information