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Omni - Academic Search Tool

How do I create an alert?

Alerts can be created for searches conducted in Omni and when new material is added to the collection, an email will be sent to your university email address.

To create an alert:

  1. Search for a topic of interest.
  2. On the results screen, select Save Query.

  3. When a search has been saved, a notice message will appear at the top of the screen:

  4. To activate the alert, go to My Library Account.
  5. Select My Favourites.
  6. Next, beside your saved search there will be 3 icons - select the second icon:

  7. Alerts will now be sent to your @uwo.ca address.

How do I create an RSS feed of my alerts?

To create an RSS feed of saved searches:

  1. Login to My Library Account.
  2. Select My Favourites from the drop down beneath your name.

  3. Beside your saved searches, there will be 3 icons: 

    Select the first icon to create an RSS feed.