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Helpful Equity Codes

ANR - Analyst Recommendations

BETA - Historical Beta

BIP - Bloomberg Intelligence

COMP - Comparative Total Returns

CRPR - Credit Rating Profile

DES - Description

EE - Earnings Estimates

EQS - Equity Screener

FA - Financial Analysis

GP - Historical Price Graph

HP - Historical Price (table)

MA - Mergers and Acquisitions

RELS - Related Securities

RV - Relative Value

WACC - Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Bloomberg Equities

Bloomberg Definition of Beta

Adjusted Beta vs. Raw Beta - The beta of a stock can be presented as either an Adjusted Beta or a Raw Beta. A Raw Beta is obtained from the linear regression to a stock's historical data. Raw Beta, also known as Historical Beta, is based on the observed relationship between the security's return and the returns of an index.

The Adjusted Beta is an estimate of a security's future Beta. Adjusted Beta is initially derived from historical data, but modified by the assumption that a security's true Beta will move towards the market average, of 1, over time. The formula used to adjust Beta is: (0.67) x Raw Beta + (0.33) x 1.0

From Bloomberg Professional Service - Help section definitions

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