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More Help

Help Functions within Bloomberg:

<Help>: Pressing this key will bring up information on the function you are in.

DOCS<GO>: Takes you to all available Bloomberg documents, including training material.

BPS<GO>: Bloomberg Resource Center that includes additional help aids.

BU<GO>: Bloomberg University training resources, including training manuals, user workflows, and seminars.


Take a Screenshot

Take screenshots from within Bloomberg by using the provided snipping tools. In the top right corner, select the export button to see the different options:

                Bloomberg Export Button

1) Take Window Screenshot: take a snapshot of the entire screen and either send via Bloomberg email (to your ivey or uwo email), save to a folder, or view screen as an image.

2) Snip Any Screen Area: Hold down the left mouse button and drag to select the desired area. The screenshot will then be loaded into NOTES function.


NOTE<GO> is an internal function designed to capture information, ideas, and images within the Bloomberg terminal. Notes can be tagged based on securities, people, sectors, regions, or custom themes for ease of discovery.

You can input images, tables, hyperlinks, and other attachments. By creating a community, you can share notes between colleagues and assign permissions for viewing or editing.

All notes are saved to your account, meaning they can be accessed from any Bloomberg workstation.


Bloomberg's internal messaging system is available to all users through the MSG<GO> function. This can be used to communicate with colleagues through their Bloomberg accounts and will also send email to other provider accounts.