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Bloomberg Intelligence

Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) provides research on industries, companies, and expert topics with key data and interactive charting delivered by experienced BI analysts.

Use command BI<GO>.

BI research and data is organized into dashboards for each industry that are build around the constituent companies.

Industry Analysis and Valuation

BI<GO>: industry data, fundamental statistics, market share, ESG and other metrics across industires

IFS<GO>: industry fundamental statistics and metrics

RES<GO>: research search engine that allows searching by industry, region, company ticker, etc. for available analyst reports

RV<GO>: market relative value provides broad comparison of relative value and performance indicies

EE<GO>: earnings analysis provides data by sector or industry and analysis for EPS, net income and sales

EPS<GO>: net income and sales

BI BESGG<GO>: ESG indicators industry analysis dashboard