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Installing Excel Add-in

To integrate Bloomberg and Excel when you download data, you will need to install the Excel add-in on the Bloomberg terminal you are using. The add-in is installed to your profile and not the computer itself.

  1. Open Excel from the desktop icon.
  2. On the computer task bar, select Start > All programs > Bloomberg > Install Office Add-in.
  3. Click Install and a small confirmation box will appear.
  4. Once the install in finished, close Excel.
  5. Open Excel again and the Bloomberg tab will now appear on the taskbar.


Exporting Data via Excel

To download data from Bloomberg while in Excel, use the speadsheet builder:

  1. Select the Bloomberg tab on the Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. Choose the Spreadsheet Builder.
  3. Use your mouse to hover over the data type icons to display a description of what's available.
  4. Click on the icon for the data type you want to use.
  5. Follow the instructions as they appear in the builder.